Tutorial: Implement Object Recognition on Live Stream


Image recognition is very widely used in machine learning. There are many different approaches and solutions to it, but none of them fitted our needs. We needed a completely local solution running on a tiny computer to deliver the recognition results to a cloud service. This article describes our approach to building an object recognition solution with TensorFlow.



Sound Classification with TensorFlow


There are many different projects and services for human speech recognition like Pocketsphinx, Google’s Speech API, and many others. Such applications and services recognize speech to text with pretty good quality, but none of them can determine different sounds captured by the microphone. What was on record: human speech, animal sounds, or music playing?

We were faced with this task and decided to investigate and build sample projects which will be able

Machine Learning for Asset Management

About the Client

The client is a EU-based startup company. They use an automated approach to monitor their installations for utility companies. Their main objectives are managing assets and improving maintenance processes using fast drones.

Business Challenge

The client collects images of the objects maintained using drones. The images are collected at high speed, and not all the images contain useful information. This increases the need for a human workforce to filter the images before processing.

The business challenge was to improve the

Smart Elevator Demo


Canonical is a UK-based, privately held computer software company founded to market commercial support and related services for Ubuntu and related projects. Principally, these are free and open-source software (FOSS) or tools designed to improve collaboration between free software developers and contributors.

DataArt shares the values and the vision Canonical brings to the industry. We partnered with Canonical to showcase how existing markets can be transformed with technologies and a holistic engineering approach.

Business Challenge

There are