Blockchain Solution with DeviceHive

A fintech blockchain startup BANKEX shares details about their prototype integration with smart home devices.

The technology behind the BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol is a versatile and integrates a range of existing and emerging technologies for services that goes far beyond the tokenization of real assets.  A key component of this technology is the capacity to integrate with IoT devices to create versatile asset management that merges fintech with an unprecedented user experience.

BANKEX technology is capable to accessing and integrating the smart-home beacons

Running Grafana with DeviceHive

DeviceHive is an IoT platform which has plenty of different components. The Grafana plugin is one of them. This plugin can gather data from a DeviceHive server and display it with different dashboards using the very popular tool – Grafana. This article explains how to create a Grafana dashboard with DeviceHive. As an example, this uses the ESP8266 chip analog pin to visualise the voltage on it.


To display anything on a dashboard we need data. In terms of a DeviceHive server,

DataArt partners with Espressif to deliver complete IoT solutions

DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, announced today its partnership with Espressif Systems, a provider of IoT technology that builds the widely popular ESP8266 and ESP32 chips.

DataArt develops and commercially supports an open source IoT data platform DeviceHive that provides the infrastructure for building scalable and secure IoT solutions across a number of industries including automotive, utilities and smart environments.

As a result of the partnership DataArt developed a custom DeviceHive firmware for ESP8266 chips, that enables zero-configuration

How to Choose Your IoT Platform – Should You Go Open-Source?

Igor Ilunin, Head of IoT at DataArt, presents a general overview how to choose the right IoT platform for you. The article highlights the major criteria to consider and evaluate in a custom or open-source IoT platform. Also, it covers math and cost analysis, comparing open-source to serverless IoT platforms.
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